Text 1 Oct Fuck you.

I opened up to you. The first person I have totally opened up to in over a year, and you shove that back into my face? This is when the jake that nobody likes comes out. I’m fuckin done.

Text 28 Sep

Gotta love when you are taking care of a drunk friend and they fuck shit up for you.

Photo 24 Sep Sunset over the lake at camp last night #skyporn #sunset #nature #lake #puremichigan

Sunset over the lake at camp last night #skyporn #sunset #nature #lake #puremichigan

Text 21 Sep Happy Rant Time!

So I’ve been talking to this girl, and she’s amazing. She talks my ear off then lets me talk off hers, she’s adventurous and silly and is simply stunning. And I asked her on a date tonight and she said yes and this is the most giddy I’ve been about anything besides my tattoo in over a year and I had to get this out and yeah, happy jake=)

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Why is this not taught universally.

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detroit red wings training camp day one (gallery)

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The Harry Potter series American edition cover art by Mary GrandPré (x)

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They are 5. 

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